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Month: March 2024

Prof. Pappalardo on Video Mediterraneo

Don’t miss out on Professor Francesco Pappalardo’s interview discussing the study on the #JollyVaccine!

UnictMagazine by #Unict: Groundbreaking Study on the #JollyVaccine!

We’re thrilled to announce that our research team at the University of Catania is on the front page of #UnictMagazine with a groundbreaking new study on the #JollyVaccine! In this pioneering study, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop an innovative solution to address the challenges associated with vaccination, focusing on the concept of a “Jolly Vaccine.”…
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In the Monday 25 March 2024 issue of the newspaper #LaSicilia

Article: ‘Sviluppare un vaccino influenzale universale simulanndo gli anticorpi’ In the latest edition of #LaSicilia, a groundbreaking study has been highlighted, shedding light on the development of a universal influenza vaccine through the simulation of antibodies. Conducted by the esteemed research team led by Prof. Francesco Pappalardo at the #CombineGroup, this study has immense implications…
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UISS: Revolutionizing In Silico Simulation – A Roundup of Recent Recognition

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical research and technology, advancements often go unnoticed until they reach a critical mass of recognition. However, for the Universal Immune System Simulator (UISS), developed by Professor Francesco Pappalardo and his team, that recognition has arrived in a flurry of attention from seven prestigious newspapers. This marks a significant milestone…
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Workshop “The Regulatory Barriers to In Silico Trials”. Catania, March 14-15.

Uniting the In Silico Community: Insights from the Workshop on Regulatory Barriers in Catania In the serene ambiance of the Monastero dei Benedettini in Catania, the annual gathering of the In Silico community took place on March 14-15. The workshop, titled “The Regulatory Barriers to In Silico Trials,” served as a pivotal platform for experts…
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