21 Oct 2021

InSilicoTrials: Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Simulator (MS TreatSim) has been officially released!

Today, InSilicoTrials has released a new product - MS TreatSim, Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Simulator - based on the work of Prof. Francesco Pappalardo and Mimesis, which is a spin-off of the Università di Catania

MS TreatSim is part of our InSilicoNEURO series dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases.  

MS TreatSim is a web-based application that enables simulation of realistic disease courses in RRMS, based on a mechanistic model of the immune system and its dysregulation in MS [Pappalardo et al., 2020].  The model incorporates the adaptive and innate immune system, the autoimmune response and four distinct disease modifying therapies.

This tool leverages a state-of-the-art immune system simulator to allow in silico evaluation of the effects of several MS treatment strategies, cutting time and cost of clinical trials and helping pharmaceutical companies to accelerate time-to market for the benefit of the patients.

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See more details: MS TreatSim