8 Mar 2021

Antibodies therapeutics are partially ineffective on patients with severe COVID-19

Antibodies therapeutics are unable to protect patients with severe SARS-CoV-2 infection. This is the study conclusion by the COMBINE group of the University of Catania and published in the prestigious scientific journal BMC Bioinformatics

"The study had been carried out during the COVID-19 emergency in the spring of last year and demonstrates the partial ineffectiveness of convalescent plasma on severe COVID-infected patients," - says Professor Francesco Pappalardo, coordinator of the COMBINE group. 

"Our research has anticipated, six months earlier, what was later confirmed by experimental trials in the study conducted by Professor Ventura Alejandro Simonovich published in The New England Journal of Medicine”. In other words, that no significant differences were observed in clinical status or overall mortality between patients treated with convalescent plasma and those who received placebo.

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